Monday, June 16, 2008

My Passion for Youth!

Today someone asked me what my passion was. I said Photography but my real passion is Youth. I love Youth. For some odd reason God has given me a desire to love on youth. Though it can be so hard sometimes to help, teach, and love them, I have a desire to reach them any way I can. I want to see God move in every youth not just the ones at my church but the whole city.
I have a passion to have a Youth building for the community. A building that youth can come to and be in a positive atmosphere. I have a possible building in mind it is an old grocery store it is located near a high school and neighborhoods, it’s a great location in the city. I know one day this will come true we will have a building with a diner, game room, stage with theater seating for speakers, and concerts and many more things. The Youth are the future they are young but they can make change. They just have to see it inside of them.

So that is a little over view of my passion. I am young myself but that doesn’t matter. I can just relate to them a little better I guess. I know as I let God use me to speak to them, they will see what God has put inside of them and then they will take the step and say “I don’t care who it puts me with or who it separates me from I am going on with God.”


Wendi said...

Sarah that sounds awesome, I wish I had a place like that when I was in high school. Nothing is impossible with God. I think if you work hard and believe that you can do it you can achieve!

randi said...

i never new you had a blog intel i looked at dominiques blog and saw our name

Wendi said...

hi sarah, how is your leg doing? how was VBS? hope things are going good.