Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Memorial Day!

It's a day of remembrance! It’s a day to recognize all those who served in our country so we may have freedom!! I thank all those that served and die for our country! If it wasn’t for them where would we be? Thank you, to all who have served and are still serving.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Family is....well Amazing!!

I was just sitting here on the computer looking at different blogs, mostly my families. And well you know what, I have the best, loving, caring, fun and funny family in the whole world. I am so glad that God put me in this family. Even though more than half of them I am not even blood related to, but I could care less about that cause it isn't our blood that makes the family its our love for each other. We all have so much fun together when we all can get together at one time. I will tell you about them.
There is my Dad and Mom (Jamie step-mom I hate saying step mom it‘s lame) they are so great. They have helped me through a whole lot. And not only that but they are wise. They don’t do everything for me, they make me do it and learn on my own. Which I think is great. They are both always there to listen to me and put up with my craziness and my sometime kid moments.
Then there is Mom and Jeff. They are also great!! My mom is so loving and caring. Mom is so great I learn a lot form her all the time. Even though I might not spend the most time with her she is always #1 in my heart. I love being around her. And not to mention she is the best cook and baker in the whole world. Jeff is a great step-dad. Rachel and I are his only kids. And he did a great job being a step-dad to us. We all had our moments but I won’t change it for the world.
Now on to the siblings. Who I love so much.
Rachel is the most amazing older sister I have ever had!!! I look up to her so much. Literally she is amazing!!!! As I call here she is “Suzy Home maker” when I brag about her to other I tell them she is better than Martha Sewart. She is far away right now but one day we will be together again.
Jared is the coolest most talented brother in the world!! What to say he is amazing and I love him. He sometimes acts like an older brother and I well, like that. He is mine and all of us girls protector from boys. I love that Little bro and I can wrestle, hockey fight (which I should mention I beat him yesterday). We always have so much fun.
Tori, now she is the awesome little sister, in the world. She also is very talented! She amazing me with her craftiness, and she does so well with kids. She leads the little kids at church and does such a great job. She a great ideas for things. And did I mention she is an amazing soccer player? We have so much fun together also. Now if you get all of us kids together it’s one big party you never know what we will do.
Now on to my wonderful extended family.
I got 5 aunt‘s, 6 uncle’s, 15 cousin‘s, 4 Grandma’s, 2 Grandpa;s 1 Great Grandma, 1 Aunt Barb, and that is probably not counting them all that is only ones I can remember well the ones I actually see a whole lot and know about but we won’t get into that. I love my family they are great!! I can’t stop saying that. Okay I was about to go into them individually but that will take a long time and I need to sleep plus I would hate to leave someone out. I just had to share with you all that I have an awesome family!!! They all know who they are! So if any of you are reading this I love to so much. I am so excited for many, many more years with you in my life. It’s family I love to share happy times, and sad times with. Friend will come and go but my family will always be. Love you!!


Monday, May 19, 2008

For Aunt Beth

This is for my Auntie Beth. I am really bad at posting on here, I even have trouble just getting on the computer. Well my Aunt Beth has asked me several times why i don't post everyday since it is called Everyday is a new day. Well yes everyday is a new day but it doesn't mean i have to post everyday. I would love to post everyday but I don't usally because i don't always know what to put or i don't have time. Well i will tell you the purpose of this blog. I want to tell all that everyday is a new day. That the past is the past. With God you can do anything. I want to encourage others. So that is what i would like to do on this blog. Of course there has to be some goofy stuff on here. Well I love my aunt Beth and she is the greatest, so this is for you aunt Beth plus it is my second post in one day!

A Torn Lateral Meniscus

Well I went to the doctor for my left knee which has been a bother to me for quite some time. I had an EX-ray about two weeks ago, which I knew was a waste of time; and I was right, it showed nothing. So I had an MRI last Tuesday. Today i found out that I have a Torn Lateral Meniscus. It's all good though I looked it up on the Internet my knee should be okay after surgery or physical thearpy it just depends on the damage. However i have a suggestion for eveyone if you ever have anything wrong and you might need surgery don't ever look it up cause it shows picture that totally makes you not want to have surgery. Well anyways i am just glad that i will now have this taken care of and have no more pain i pray. I know it will all work out, God is my healer!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Wow life can sure hit you on the side of the head all of a sudden. I’m not talking about a little pat but a slap so hard it knocks you off your feet. It sure has happened to me in the last month. A month that I wish never happened, but it did. I just keeping telling myself “Today is a new day, week, month.” Romans 8:28 and we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Well I love him; I'm head over heals for him and I know I am called according to His purpose. So I’m waiting for that good to happen. I know it will. I am really frustrated right now. In a way I’m appealing to my senses. However my spirit tells me "It's ok, everything is working out. God is your rock, strength, shield, peace, joy, comfort. Trust in God, He is carrying you down this path. No matter what others say or think about this whole thing He is on your side, He is helping you. Luke 12:32. Thinking about it; it is a good thing all this has happen (which you have no idea what I am talking about unless your family. But that is ok. It doesn’t matter what happened. I just want you to know that God can take care of anything. He is here for you. No matter your situation Trust God with it and everything will work out. It might seem like Hell right now but there is peace coming like others say “there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”) Back to what I was saying, I have learned a lot from this whole situation. One thing is now I won’t marry the wrong person. God has opened my eyes up a whole lot. Also all the things I have learned before this situation and after. This whole thing is making me stronger not weaker. That is the one thing you have to choose in your situation is will you let it make you stronger or weaker? Bottom line God loves you so much there is NOTHING God can not handle, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!!!