Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buddy Truman

While I was in the backyard pulling weeds around our cement patio, I was soaking the ground so it would be easier to pull the weeds. As I did that I happened to flood an animal out of its home. He or she scared me pretty bad popping out from under the patio. At first I thought it was a mouse well it turns out it is a Gopher; a really small gopher. And now we have made it a home. We don’t know really what to do with it. Any ideas?
If you look there is a hole that use to be his home
This is a sign I made to inform anyone to not open the box i covered him in. I didn't want him to get lose. I was leaving for a few mintues and dad would be back in a little while, I didn't want him to open it up and have a little surprise. Later we figured out it was not a mouse but a Gohper so i changed the sign.
Buddy Truman himself
His little home we made for him. Since I flooded his.


Okay so i wrote this post soon after we got back from our retreat. Then i waited to get more picture so i can show you all the fun we had. Well then i got side tracked and blah blah blah so here is what i have so far still no pictures but one. It will do for now.
Devin, Michael, Jared, Jordan, Lizzy, Tori

We did it!!! Our first youth retreat with just our youth!!! The reason it was only with our youth was so we can build relationships with each other and build a foundation as a youth and most importantly with God. We want to build a foundation with the youth then go out and spread the News (meaning Gods word not that we have a great time with eachother)!! We did just that; relationships were built within the group also a newer relationship with God was built in them. Everyone opened up with each other and had a blast! God moved in their lives in those three days. It is just the beginning to this great walk with God. I am excited to see all the great things to come. I am proud to say that God has allowed me to be apart of there lives to speak into there lives. But not only that, I learn from them also. God can use anyone, anywhere, any age. God is so awesome!! Here are some pictures of our super fun trip!!
Pictures to come.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

(There is no video just the song.) The song says it all.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Like he ever loved me at all....

Ok this post is my feeling right now. I am still trying to move on. God is my strength and i know what i need to do. I know I shouldn't give into my feelings when i know what God says, however i just have to release this so i can process this all. I know those who read this are ones I trust and love. Well any ways I am mad, Frustrated, Hurt and so on. This song is some what how i feel right now. It what i want to tell him. Just Leave now, leave my heart, don't try to do anything. (Like i need to say that I should be palying Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill's song Like we never loved at all Because that is how He is acting.) And what did i do nothing I just loved him and what did i get for that a big fat nothing. Sorry about that i had a moment well anyways thanks for letting me express for this little moment.

Summer Maddness!!!!

This is what happens when Parents are at work, I’m off work, there is no school, and we get bored and well adventurous….

Now this is her Very, very, very first time dyeing her hair ever, out of all colors she does red. Awesome!!!

Yep all Three of us kids dyed our hair RED!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

My adventure House sitting!!!

A family in our church was going out of town for the Fourth. So they asked me if I would watch there house since they have two dogs, a pond of fish, two turtles and one cat. I of course said yes since I am running low on money due to my surgery plus I like helping others out.

Now when I house sit I like to check the house to make sure that no windows are unlocked, and all doors locked, because I don’t want anyone breaking in. This fear of mine comes from watching too much Law and Order and CSI.

As I was checking the windows I notice that all the windows had PVC piping on the window so even if it did open it was only a little. I still locked all the windows so I thought. Well on Friday afternoon I was at the house letting the dogs out and about to go water the flowers. I went through the back sliding glass door. I unlocked the door, picked up the PVC pipe and just leaned it against the sliding door so not completely removing it well as I went out the dogs followed and then they turned around and almost went in the house but I was not going to let that happen and I shut the sliding glass door and to my dismay the PVC went back into place and for a second I was thinking I was totally locked out. I then remembered that the front down was unlocked.

Now you think I would learn from this, however 6:30am Saturday morning I got up to let the dogs out and well I did the exact same thing. However this was not as easy as the day before. I thought its okay I bet the neighbor has a key to the house, then I remembered I didn’t only lock the door I locked the screen door. Well I walked around the house to the front thinking just maybe I didn’t lock the screen door, well I did. So I started to pray “God help me I have no phone, no shoes, no keys and it’s early. Show me what to do God” I walked to the other side of the house were there is another back door well of course it was lock but to my surprise there was a little window that I did not see when I did my checking from the inside of the house. Now this is not a regular window it is small, really small like 14in long 8 in wide or something like that. I tried the window and to my relief it opened a little so I found some tools to remove the screen. Once the window was open a little I had to find another tool to remove the flashlight off the window so I could open it all the way to reach in and unlock the door. I used a long scrub brush; I believe it is one to wash your car with. Once I got the window opened all the way I had to find something to stand on so I could reach in the window to get to the door unlocked. The garbage can was not sturdy enough so I looked around the garage and found a barrel it was rusted so I put pressure on it to make sure I wouldn’t fall through when I stood on it. It worked Praise God!! I officially broke into the house!! That kind of scared me that means anyone could do what I just did. Then I remember like they would try I am God’s Child no one can hurt me I am protected by my GOD!!!

Well that is my adventure housing sitting!! It was an interesting and unforgettable experience.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

I love Fourth of July!! The Day of Independence!!! It’s a day to celebrate our freedom together at one time. We should celebrate our freedom everyday, most importantly thank and honor those who gave us are freedom. I appreciate the many, many, people who have given there lives to insure our freedom, those you have died and those who are still fighting. I love this country with all my heart. I truly am Proud to be an America!!! Thank you Troops!!! Keep pressing on and going Strong!!

Well here is what I did on the Forth I spent time with my family celeabrating our freedom!!


Little cousin With a new hair style totally rockin

Tori and Amy

Randi, Kate, Tori

Me, Kate, Meigan, Jared, Tori Watching fireworks

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How Great is our God?

Do you know how great our God is?? He is so wonderful, great, magnificent, amazing!!!!

I was reading my aunts blog Working in Progress and she wrote about one of her girls Kate. It was amazing to me.

I was blessed to go to China when she was able to receive her first daughter. They are such a blessing both of these girls. I am so thankful that God has given Aunt Beth the ability to have these girl. God works in wonderful ways. He knew exactly that these girls were meant to be the daughters to my wonderful, hardworking, loving, passionate aunt. Some may say the girls our blessed to be with my aunt but really it's my Aunt who is truly, truly blessed to be a proud mommy to Meigan and Kate. I love you all!! Thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful adventure.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First Youth Retreat!!!

I almost for got to tell you all. I am so excited to say that my youth and I are going on our First retreat together!! Now we have been to camps and retreats in other places put on by other churches before. But this one is just our youth!!! I am so stoked!!! We have raised around $1190 no one has to pay out of pocket totally awesome!! The reason for this trip is so that we can build relationships with each other but most of all with God. I believe by going on this trip the youth will come out of there comfort zone which then will allow them to open up with each other and build life long friendships with each other and most importantly with God. I know this will not happen all in 3 days; however I do know this will be a great start to show them what it really means to have an unconditional relationship with Jesus. I know God has great things in store for the youth as individuals and as a group. I am excited!! So if you would be praying for our youth so they will open up to what God has for them. Thanks you’re the best!! 2008 the year of new beginnings!!

First day back to work!!

Well it went okay. I worked 4:45am-12pm. I was able to get things done that haven't been done. They let me have a chair back there so I could sit when I needed to or when there were no customers. I tried my best to walk normal and not put all the pressure on my right leg. Well, when I finally came home I sat on the couch for a while, my feet hurt badly. As I sat longer, longer I felt some what better when I got up to walk oh my I thought I was going to fall. My right hip hurt so badly and my knee was a little swollen. What a great first day back!! It will be okay they are having me take tomorrow off but I am back on Thursday. I am okay with it because I need the money. So pray with me that I have a quicker recovery more than ever.