Monday, August 18, 2008


I was reading my sisters blog today and i just started crying. It could be because, She being my big sister is having a baby. The sister I grew up with playing George and Martha in Grandpas motor home; the sister I played barbies with. My Best friend. Now she is married and now having a baby. We are growing up, it's a great thing at the same time it's to fast. Did I mention she lives far far away from me. I hope to go see her sometime soon. Sister's are the greatest thing ever. With us growing up having babies (well only her) it's crazy. My younger sister is about to turn 16 it's crazy how time flys. I miss us all living together in out small house; it was a blast. We grow up, we move, we change; however we will always be sisters, no matter how far we are away from eachother or how much we change.


Every good and perfect gift said...

Now you're making me cry. I miss you very much. I am excited for the future to come and you are going to be the best auntie ever. We had a lot of fun as kids and we can have a lot of fun as grown up ladies too! I just need to move closer to home (not on the other side of the globe)in a few short years.

KimLuvsJC said...

Hey Sarah......I know what you mean about you all growing up so fast, it seems like just yesterday you were all so young. I miss you all living almost next door. Rachel will make an awesome mom!

Reading you and your sisters and moms blog got me started. Come check it out sometime.