Sunday, October 5, 2008

Monopoly, the best game ever!!!

I have officially won my First Monopoly game!!! I ended up with all the property and $12,418 plus a "get out of jail" free card. I have never been so proud!! LOL

This is one of my favorite games. When I was younger my siblings and I would play for hours some times days, very rarely did we ever finish a game. And well today we did and I WON!!!


Every good and perfect gift said...

YES! we must play a game when I come visit. I love monopoly

Wendi said...

is this the newer version? I love monopoly. Don't you wish that was real money!! LOL

Monica said...

I too am a Monopoly fan. I played when I was younger and I play now. Only now it is the Disney version. I usually choose to be Nemo. Anyway, we don't play as often as I would like b/c my son gets bored after a while. We started the fast way (which I never new about) dealing out all the properties at the beginning of the game. I'm with Wendi, wish the money was real!
P.S. I found you on Jamie's site.