Monday, May 19, 2008

A Torn Lateral Meniscus

Well I went to the doctor for my left knee which has been a bother to me for quite some time. I had an EX-ray about two weeks ago, which I knew was a waste of time; and I was right, it showed nothing. So I had an MRI last Tuesday. Today i found out that I have a Torn Lateral Meniscus. It's all good though I looked it up on the Internet my knee should be okay after surgery or physical thearpy it just depends on the damage. However i have a suggestion for eveyone if you ever have anything wrong and you might need surgery don't ever look it up cause it shows picture that totally makes you not want to have surgery. Well anyways i am just glad that i will now have this taken care of and have no more pain i pray. I know it will all work out, God is my healer!!


Every good and perfect gift said...

Whoa! you went to the doctor? I didn't know your knee was still bothering you, I thought it only hurt when you were playing sports. Gee I feel so disconnected to ya. You must keep me posted on what happens. By the way I don't think I could stomach looking at pictures of surgery, You gave some good advice, (something to keep in mind if I need surgery myself someday)