Monday, May 26, 2008

It's Memorial Day!

It's a day of remembrance! It’s a day to recognize all those who served in our country so we may have freedom!! I thank all those that served and die for our country! If it wasn’t for them where would we be? Thank you, to all who have served and are still serving.


gregoryjtaranto said...

Wait, wouldn't remembering those who served your country to protect your freedom be more appropriate for Veteran's day?

Remembering those who died serving your country to protect your freedom is more appropriate for Memorial day.

See the very minute difference? Your post is like, blurring the two.

I am just giving you a hard time.

I hope you(r'e) had/having a nice holiday. I sure didn't.

-Your bro-in-law serving in the Pacific

Dominique* said...

yeah i never got the difference between memorial day and Veterans day..

Beth said...

You have got such a great and grateful heart, Sarah! I just read about a veteran that was not thanked for his act of service until 20 years after he finished his career in the military, how sad. Wouldn't it be great to say thanks whenever we see service men and women, and not wait for holidays to recognize their contribution to our freedom.