Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The First Youth Retreat!!!

I almost for got to tell you all. I am so excited to say that my youth and I are going on our First retreat together!! Now we have been to camps and retreats in other places put on by other churches before. But this one is just our youth!!! I am so stoked!!! We have raised around $1190 no one has to pay out of pocket totally awesome!! The reason for this trip is so that we can build relationships with each other but most of all with God. I believe by going on this trip the youth will come out of there comfort zone which then will allow them to open up with each other and build life long friendships with each other and most importantly with God. I know this will not happen all in 3 days; however I do know this will be a great start to show them what it really means to have an unconditional relationship with Jesus. I know God has great things in store for the youth as individuals and as a group. I am excited!! So if you would be praying for our youth so they will open up to what God has for them. Thanks you’re the best!! 2008 the year of new beginnings!!