Thursday, July 17, 2008


Okay so i wrote this post soon after we got back from our retreat. Then i waited to get more picture so i can show you all the fun we had. Well then i got side tracked and blah blah blah so here is what i have so far still no pictures but one. It will do for now.
Devin, Michael, Jared, Jordan, Lizzy, Tori

We did it!!! Our first youth retreat with just our youth!!! The reason it was only with our youth was so we can build relationships with each other and build a foundation as a youth and most importantly with God. We want to build a foundation with the youth then go out and spread the News (meaning Gods word not that we have a great time with eachother)!! We did just that; relationships were built within the group also a newer relationship with God was built in them. Everyone opened up with each other and had a blast! God moved in their lives in those three days. It is just the beginning to this great walk with God. I am excited to see all the great things to come. I am proud to say that God has allowed me to be apart of there lives to speak into there lives. But not only that, I learn from them also. God can use anyone, anywhere, any age. God is so awesome!! Here are some pictures of our super fun trip!!
Pictures to come.....