Thursday, July 17, 2008

Buddy Truman

While I was in the backyard pulling weeds around our cement patio, I was soaking the ground so it would be easier to pull the weeds. As I did that I happened to flood an animal out of its home. He or she scared me pretty bad popping out from under the patio. At first I thought it was a mouse well it turns out it is a Gopher; a really small gopher. And now we have made it a home. We don’t know really what to do with it. Any ideas?
If you look there is a hole that use to be his home
This is a sign I made to inform anyone to not open the box i covered him in. I didn't want him to get lose. I was leaving for a few mintues and dad would be back in a little while, I didn't want him to open it up and have a little surprise. Later we figured out it was not a mouse but a Gohper so i changed the sign.
Buddy Truman himself
His little home we made for him. Since I flooded his.


Every good and perfect gift said...

Uh, I think that rodent is a little scary, you are kinder and braver than me. I would have hit it with a broom until it went to the neighbor's yard or the road or something.

I couldn't even take a picture let alone name it or make a home for it.

Tori said...

=[ i miss buddy...he ran away.

Sarah@Life in the Parsonage said...

Crack me up! LOVE the sign :)

Wendi said...

ewww he looks like a mouse. It ran away? I'm sure your mom is happy its gone. Hee hee. Enjoy your pool