Sunday, July 6, 2008

My adventure House sitting!!!

A family in our church was going out of town for the Fourth. So they asked me if I would watch there house since they have two dogs, a pond of fish, two turtles and one cat. I of course said yes since I am running low on money due to my surgery plus I like helping others out.

Now when I house sit I like to check the house to make sure that no windows are unlocked, and all doors locked, because I don’t want anyone breaking in. This fear of mine comes from watching too much Law and Order and CSI.

As I was checking the windows I notice that all the windows had PVC piping on the window so even if it did open it was only a little. I still locked all the windows so I thought. Well on Friday afternoon I was at the house letting the dogs out and about to go water the flowers. I went through the back sliding glass door. I unlocked the door, picked up the PVC pipe and just leaned it against the sliding door so not completely removing it well as I went out the dogs followed and then they turned around and almost went in the house but I was not going to let that happen and I shut the sliding glass door and to my dismay the PVC went back into place and for a second I was thinking I was totally locked out. I then remembered that the front down was unlocked.

Now you think I would learn from this, however 6:30am Saturday morning I got up to let the dogs out and well I did the exact same thing. However this was not as easy as the day before. I thought its okay I bet the neighbor has a key to the house, then I remembered I didn’t only lock the door I locked the screen door. Well I walked around the house to the front thinking just maybe I didn’t lock the screen door, well I did. So I started to pray “God help me I have no phone, no shoes, no keys and it’s early. Show me what to do God” I walked to the other side of the house were there is another back door well of course it was lock but to my surprise there was a little window that I did not see when I did my checking from the inside of the house. Now this is not a regular window it is small, really small like 14in long 8 in wide or something like that. I tried the window and to my relief it opened a little so I found some tools to remove the screen. Once the window was open a little I had to find another tool to remove the flashlight off the window so I could open it all the way to reach in and unlock the door. I used a long scrub brush; I believe it is one to wash your car with. Once I got the window opened all the way I had to find something to stand on so I could reach in the window to get to the door unlocked. The garbage can was not sturdy enough so I looked around the garage and found a barrel it was rusted so I put pressure on it to make sure I wouldn’t fall through when I stood on it. It worked Praise God!! I officially broke into the house!! That kind of scared me that means anyone could do what I just did. Then I remember like they would try I am God’s Child no one can hurt me I am protected by my GOD!!!

Well that is my adventure housing sitting!! It was an interesting and unforgettable experience.


Wendi said...

Sarah you are too funny. Sound like something I would do. I hope you leg feels better soon.