Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Prov 11 and 12

Prov. 11

It's a good chapter, it really shows that it is way better to live a righteous life than a wicked life. Two Vs. that stuck out to me were

vs.2- You can't have pride in your life. It made me think how can you really share Gods love if you are so prideful? it makes me think that you are being selfish. And when you are being prideful you don't let correction come in or grow because you think you are all good, and to prideful to even humble yourself to say "I'm wrong" or "yes please help me" or whatever.
vs. 14-15- This is so good! It is important to get good counsel! From your pastor, an elder, someone who is walking in the spirit. Not only that but listen to what they have to say and open your heart to it. This Will help us in gaining wisdom and growing Spiritually.

Prov. 12
I really like the first verse, it makes me laugh. he who hates correction is stupid, it is so true!

In 15 i thought that is good and so true. Sometimes we are so caught in what we think no matter if it is right or wrong that we don't stop and listen when someone wise is telling us to stop, wait, no do this. It is so important that we listen to God's counsel, or who ever He puts in our live to counsel us.

To reply on vs. 23 I think your right. It is so important not to just go around blabbering to everyone. You need to wait in God's time to speak. There has been a time or so where i was in a situation where i could have opened my mouth and tell them my "knowledge" however it did not seem right to do it at them time. So i held back till the right time