Monday, October 5, 2009


I am going through Proverbs with some friends of mine in Texas and with My friend her at home. I thought i would share what i have been getting out of with you!
I have gone through 5 chapters as you can see!

Prov. 1

Fear God, don't try and live by the wisdom and knowledge of the world. Only listen to God and godly others for wisdom and knowledge!

Prov. 2

Not only listen to Gods wisdom and knowledge but act upon it. When you do you are on the right path, you are protected in Him. If you don't you are headed for destruction/death.

Prov 3

Give everything to God, He will take care of you. There is Happiness, peace in God. It will give you life if you go by Gods wisdom and not the worlds. It's not our way, not the worlds way but Gods way. There is peace with God there is comfort with God.

One thing that stuck out was V.27, Give good to those whom it is due. When God has told you to do something or give them something do it now. Don't hold there blessing back, or what God has for them. God could be using you to show them something.

Prov. 4

I like what my bible says at the title Securtiy in Wisdom! how true is that!
I need to put myself aside and listen to Gods Word and what He has for me. Think Gods way and I wont fall. The verse that really spoke to me was 23 Keep your heart with all diligence For out of it springs the issues of life. I thought wow, so if my heart is set on death, drama, negitivity, love, or whatever those will be the issues i face. I could have bad issues or good issues. I have realize that many times things will happen at work such as gossip, rumors, a decision needed to be made, stress, and i handle it different then others (sometime), But i am asked how can you handle it like that. And i think well cause i have God. Now i know that when my heart is set on God then my thinking is too!! Which is a big plus!! I hope that made sense.

Prov. 5

So i had to read this a couple times to get what it was saying. I feel bad saying that but it is true. I don't know if i was being distracted or what. But as i read it again and again this what i saw.
Stay away from evil, don't get caught up in immoral doing, God knows, He sees all. Follow Gods instructions keep his wisdom. You are only hurting God and heading toward death when you turn from Gods way.