Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Proverbs 21

Vs. 16 WOW. I do not want to rest in the assembly of the dead. It is so so so so so so important to keeping walking in Gods understanding. Gain teh wisdom and knowledge of Him you will be heading toward life.

This here is what my Friend Tonya wrote. It really spoke to me; i hope to you also!

Vs. 11- The scoffer and the simple are the same person. So when we let righteous correction fall on those who need it, Christian or not, it helps them. The scoffer or simple (he/she who does not know God for reals) man can be drawn to the Lord and become saved and the wise (he/she who does know God) man gains understanding in the way of the Lord. We sometimes try to "save" people from the problems we see them get into. We want to "help" them, we make excuses for them and all sorts of things. We try to make their life easier. Really all we end up doing is stand in the way of their growth! We need to be wise enough to see that love works differently. God says the a parent who does not correct their child does not love him but is set against him. So when we see someone struggling we need to let them make their own mistakes and pay their own consequences offering love and understanding in a way that shows them support yet not "saving" them or "bailing" them out. Likewise, we need to be willing to pay our own consequences and own up to our own mistakes, knowing that God is growing us all the while.

Vs. 28- Even well after a lie is told it continues to cause pain, even if that person who told it is long gone. So don't lie!